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Gardening: Getting Started

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The joy of gardening. For decades it was seen as a necessity in order to survive. Just about everyone had a garden and ate from their garden. But, as technology has advanced and we’ve added more “things” to our life we have moved away from gardening. We now rely on the supermarkets, restaurants, and fast food in order to supply most of our meals and nutrition. However, with all the confusion we now face regarding our food supply, GMO’s, and everything else that “might” be causing us harm in our food, there couldn’t be a better time to start the practice up again.

There are many different way to get into the gardening “game” if you will. It could be something as simple as a small window box that you grow some herbs in, to a patio garden, or a full blown garden in the yard. Whatever you feel comfortable tackling, here are some links, sites, and information that we have found helpful in our own personal endeavors to tackle gardening.

  • Back to Eden Film – http://www.backtoedenfilm.com/
    • This is the website and idea that got us started on our gardening “technique” if you will. It does have religious undertones to the approach, but at the same time this is an excellent resource on how to get started with some organic gardening and it specifically addresses the importance of mulch.
  • Planet Natural – http://www.planetnatural.com/
    • An excellent overall resource that deals with a wide range of topics from organic gardening, to composting, to natural pest control products.
  • Others?