» » » Big Berkey beats ProPur gravity water filter for removal of heavy metals and toxic elements

Big Berkey beats ProPur gravity water filter for removal of heavy metals and toxic elements

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Big Berkey beats ProPur gravity water filter for removal of heavy metals and toxic elements

Thursday, October 23, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) When it comes to the removal of heavy metals and toxic elements from water, Big Berkey water filters easily beat ProPur, according to independent lab tests conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs and published online today.

Full details of the tests conducted with parts-per-billion accuracy via ICP-MS instrumentation are shown at the new website www.WaterFilterLabs.com

As the data show, the Big Berkey water filter with attached arsenic / fluoride filter elements easily beat the ProPur water filter outfitted with the new “All-in-One” fluoride filter elements. In fact, according to the performance of the units we tested, Zen Water Systems also beat the ProPur water filter. (See lab test results chart below.)

Note: These tests were conducted solely for the removal of heavy metals and toxic elements, not pesticides, glyphosate, PCBs or other complex organic molecules. Additionally, this was not a microbiology test, so the removal of bacteria or viruses was not part of the scope of this testing.

Big Berkey also best at removing elements with radioactive isotopes

In this scientific assessment, we tested for the ability of popular off-the-shelf water filters to remove heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury as well as elements that have radioactive isotopes such as strontium, cesium and uranium. Finally, we also tested for aluminum reduction due to the chemtrails concern among many consumers today.

See full laboratory results of all gravity water filters at www.WaterFilterLabs.com

Natural News received no compensation from any of these manufacturers to test their products. All products were purchased “off the shelf” (at Amazon.com) at regular street prices, and none of the manufacturers were aware that we were acquiring their products for testing.

In these tests, the Big Berkey water filter vastly out-performed ProPur across all elements. For example, while the ProPur water filter only removed 20.2% of cesium, the Big Berkey removed 98.6%.

In our tests, arsenic removal by the ProPur “All-in-One” filter was 61.6%, while the Big Berkey filter removed 100%.

Full results of the removal results across all tested elements are available now at www.WaterFilterLabs.com

Here’s a snapshot chart showing the results across five brands of gravity water filters:

Al = Aluminum
Cu = Copper
As = Arsenic
Sr = Strontium
Cd = Cadmium
Cs = Cesium
Hg = Mercury
Pb = Lead
U = Uranium

ProPur’s new “All-in-One” filter elements far better than previous filters, but still not close to effectiveness of Big Berkey water filter elements

One of the interesting results from our tests is that ProPur’s standard filters which have been sold for years performed relatively poorly in these tests.

In fairness to ProPur, we actually delayed the release of these results until we could acquire their new “All-in-One” filter elements and test those. The new “All-in-One” filter elements were significantly more effective than ProPur’s standard filters, but were still not nearly as effective as the Big Berkey filters that we tested.

The following chart shows the improvement in toxic element reduction achieved by ProPur’s new “All-in-One” filter elements vs. their previous standard filters:

As you can see from the chart, both filters performed almost identically for removal of Cesium and Mercury, but the new “All-in-One” filters were substantially improved across all other elements, especially lead and cadmium.


The conclusion from these tests is that Natural News can only currently recommend two gravity water filters for the removal of heavy metals and toxic elements:

• Big Berkey (with the arsenic / fluoride filters attached)
• Zen Water Systems

Big Berkey filters are available through a number of affiliates and representatives. Zen Water Systems filters are available on Amazon.com and other online retailers. Both filters offered outstanding performance in our tests. The Berkey filter, being made of stainless steel, is more of a “survival” style of filter, while the Zen Water Systems filter is more of a contemporary design, suitable for kitchens or office environments.

See the full results of all filters at www.WaterFilterLabs.com

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