Essential Oil Comparison

 "Certified Organic"  U.S. - Costly start up and yearly fees. Not concerned w/location by industrial sites or downstream from polluted chemicals sites Can be by GMO fields. Standards are not as rigorous as public thinks.  

 "Pure"  10% is EO and the remainder is made in a laboratory - is legal but not true.

 "Certified" there is no  certifying board for EO’s

  Can pass oil - standard  tests but may not contain any or just a few therapeutic compounds due to poor methods of distillation.

"THERAPEUTIC GRADE" Young Living EO are pure, medicinal, steam-distilled EO containing all desired therapeutic compounds necessary for healing.  

 Synthetically created cheaply in a lab and sold in health food and drug stores. They have no therapeutic value and may be harmful.

 2-5% EO and the remainder is a carrier oil like almond or jojoba. Usually buy from perfume houses.

 These are extended or altered oils. 90% of world market of EO comes from the flavor and perfume grade houses.